daily journal

Block parties and taco trucks

Good morning! How was your weekend? We had a busy weekend! Not as busy as some, but still busier than others. We went to a block party on Saturday where Brian’s old band was playing. I hadn’t seen them in 6 months, so that was fun. A friend of Brian’s was actually in charge of… Continue reading Block parties and taco trucks


Meal Prep Sunday: Taco salad

Hey guys! I'm back with more recipes! Again, sticking to simplicity, I used the following ingredients: • Ground Turkey, 85% lean • Romaine lettuce • Queso fresco • Low sodium canned black beans • Low sodium taco seasoning This is a pretty easy one to follow and probably doesn't require a blog post! I just… Continue reading Meal Prep Sunday: Taco salad


My healthy spaghetti alternative

Hey everyone! I'm having a very low-key night at home. I donated plasma today, so I'm sucking on Brach's hard candies and lying on the couch. (When did I turn 90?!) We had baked chicken and zucchini/squash for dinner, and I had one chicken breast left to meal prep with! Here what I made for… Continue reading My healthy spaghetti alternative