daily journal

Block parties and taco trucks

Good morning! How was your weekend? We had a busy weekend! Not as busy as some, but still busier than others. We went to a block party on Saturday where Brian’s old band was playing. I hadn’t seen them in 6 months, so that was fun. A friend of Brian’s was actually in charge of… Continue reading Block parties and taco trucks


Meal Prep Sunday: Taco salad

Hey guys! I'm back with more recipes! Again, sticking to simplicity, I used the following ingredients: • Ground Turkey, 85% lean • Romaine lettuce • Queso fresco • Low sodium canned black beans • Low sodium taco seasoning This is a pretty easy one to follow and probably doesn't require a blog post! I just… Continue reading Meal Prep Sunday: Taco salad


My healthy spaghetti alternative

Hey everyone! I'm having a very low-key night at home. I donated plasma today, so I'm sucking on Brach's hard candies and lying on the couch. (When did I turn 90?!) We had baked chicken and zucchini/squash for dinner, and I had one chicken breast left to meal prep with! Here what I made for… Continue reading My healthy spaghetti alternative

fun fact friday

The legacy of the chocolate lava cake

Good morning and Happy Friday! Fun Fact Friday: My favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake. I could truly live on them, you know, if they had more nutrients and weren’t so full of sugar. Maybe I should say that my heart could live on them; my body, not so much. I worked at Des Moines… Continue reading The legacy of the chocolate lava cake

daily journal

The first weekend in June.

Hey guys! I’ve been working so much on articles lately that I haven’t even been thinking about writing on here! Sorry! I’m back! 🙂 I’ll try to share them all on here as well. This weekend was a crazy one. I managed to sit down and do some work around 9:00 o’clock Sunday night. Before… Continue reading The first weekend in June.


Black Cat Ice Cream

My best friend, sister, and I went downtown this afternoon for some ice cream. I tried Oatmeal Cream Pie, and it had ACTUAL Oatmeal Cream Pie cookie pieces. What kind would you try? Black Cat (http://blackcaticecream.com) is located downtown Des Moines, IA near the sculpture park. Local dairy Local organic produce No additives Made the… Continue reading Black Cat Ice Cream


A sugar-cookie-and-coffee kind of morning…

Yes, you heard (er, read) me right: Sugar cookies for breakfast. Well, just one sugar cookie... (Big Sky Bread [Iowa]). So good, yet so rich. I could only eat one, and I've literally had a sweet tooth for like, 3 days. Now, I'm hoping my coffee will also serve as a pre-workout this morning, because… Continue reading A sugar-cookie-and-coffee kind of morning…


Easter Weekend

Hey guys! This has been such a busy weekend! I honestly woke up Saturday morning thinking it was Sunday. How happy was I to realize it was still Saturday?! Unbelievably happy! Yet here it is, almost 11:00 pm Sunday night, and I'm still up getting myself ready for the week. Laundry, meal prep, dishes... The… Continue reading Easter Weekend


*insert Emma Stone quote from that one movie here*

When I first decided I should start a blog, I had a really funny (or so I thought) blurb in my head about how much I love food and how that excessive food love gets me into a lot of arguments with my jeans... I'm hoping that comes back to me and ends up way… Continue reading *insert Emma Stone quote from that one movie here*