That’s why my hair is so big… it’s full of [these] secrets!

I have borderline unruly hair, and I have a lot of it. It's long, wiry, tangled... I also have quite a bit of gray for only being 25. You remember those hairstyle books you used to read as a kid? And they would tell you what hairstyles would work with your hair based on your… Continue reading That’s why my hair is so big… it’s full of [these] secrets!

daily journal

The first weekend in June.

Hey guys! I’ve been working so much on articles lately that I haven’t even been thinking about writing on here! Sorry! I’m back! 🙂 I’ll try to share them all on here as well. This weekend was a crazy one. I managed to sit down and do some work around 9:00 o’clock Sunday night. Before… Continue reading The first weekend in June.

little thoughts


Maybe we stop trying to read between the lines and figure it all out. Maybe we stop trying to decide if we should trust our instincts. Maybe we stop putting ourselves through the heartache of wondering. Maybe we stop looking for problems, because, at this point, we're creating them. Maybe we just relax. Maybe we enjoy life.… Continue reading Maybe.


Sunday’s are for… the gym?

I never thought I'd hear myself say that. My company is working with a company called Healthy Wage to host a healthy weight loss challenge. You pay $70.00 and, if you lose 10% of your body weight, you get your money back. I really wanted to join, didn't at all want to pay the $70.00,… Continue reading Sunday’s are for… the gym?


Pedal for Paws

Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop in and write about the charity bike ride I went on today! I have volunteered at the ARL a couple of times, but this time I was an attendee! If you're familiar with the Des Moines area, you probably know the bike trail well. We started at Mad… Continue reading Pedal for Paws