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ISF 2018

I wish I had more pictures to share from the Iowa State Fair, but honestly, my phone was dead half the time I was there. I didn’t get a single picture. For one thing, the two times I went were for gigs, and ended with several beers. For another, I didn’t ride the sky lift, so what’s the point?

Let’s see… I had 2 corndogs, a funnel cake, a Grinder, a sliced caramel apple, and apple eggrolls (this years #1 new item). I always have the staples (corndogs and funnel cakes) for obvious reasons. Grinders are a must, because I apparently have a death wish.

Or an acid reflux wish.

I get a caramel apple every year too! The caramel is like ½ an inch thick, and the apples are SO SOUR. It’s the best combination. I’m a fruit and chocolate/fruit and caramel freak. This year, the best caramel apple stand around, Applishus, introduced the apple eggroll. It’s exactly what it sounds like, with a side of caramel dip. I had them twice and can totally see why they were voted the best new State Fair food this year.

I didn’t walk around the whole fair, but I did spend some time in the livestock area which I don’t normally do. We saw baby animals of all kinds, and there is nothing cuter than a baby animal.

Who needs baby humans anyway?! Baby alpaca’s are where it’s AT.

Overall, it was a good fair experience. I spent the majority of it in the Bud Tent, which is fine. You can get beer tickets 5 for $30. Best price in the whole fair! 🍻

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