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DG in the Windy City

Hey everyone! 👋🏻

Welcome back (to me) from Chicago! 🌃 It’s so great to be back home; back to my own bed, bathroom, shower, routine, etc. I love traveling and spending time with family, but there’s nothing I like more than ROUTINE. There have actually been scientific studies that show how helpful routine is to everyday life. I’m back to my 5:00 am rises, my morning workouts, my morning shakes… Do you notice that I have a thing for mornings?!

Chicago was so fun. We were in the Batavia/Geneva area first. Brian has family there, so we got to check out a lot of local things! We went to an art festival, Farmer’s Market, local stores, local restaurants; the whole works! I bought art, jewelry, clothes… Too many things!

During the art festival, we stopped at a wine bar call Preservation. There we had amazing cocktails (like a mule made with hibiscus vodka!), charcuterie, and cheese plates. I really need to get better about documenting my experiences with pictures. Do you ever feel weird about being the only one taking pictures of everything?

The next day, we went to the Pub in downtown Geneva for lunch. Italian beef and roasted veggies were TO DIE FOR! And then I had italian beef the next day at Portillo’s. I got my Italian beef fix this weekend. 🙄

I also got to see the 2016 World Series trophy for the first time, as well as Wrigley field! ⚾️

We went to Chicago in the first place to see a Foo Fighters concert. When we saw them last time, in Des Moines, Dave Grohl had laryngitis and still put on a great show. This was EVEN BETTER. 🤘🏼

Have you been to Chicago? Have you been to a Foo Fighters concert?

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