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The legacy of the chocolate lava cake

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Fun Fact Friday:

My favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake. I could truly live on them, you know, if they had more nutrients and weren’t so full of sugar. Maybe I should say that my heart could live on them; my body, not so much. I worked at Des Moines Golf and Country Club for two years after college, and that’s where the addiction started! I was close friends with one of the girls in the pantry (Emily, you hear me!), and she would always let me have one if they had extra. I hope her old boss never sees this, though I don’t think he will. They were drizzled with hot chocolate sauce, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with a scoop of ice cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

That wasn’t the point of this; but, once I started talking about them, I just couldn’t stop. The memories came roaring back. Chili’s lava cakes are pretty good too…

I actually wanted to talk about how to stay remotely healthy when eating out. It can be hard, depending on the restaurant, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are my healthy tips 🙂

• Water, water, water! Water will fill you up a little before you start eating, so you won’t be tempted to eat as much. You should drink 15 ounces of water before every meal.
• Start with a side salad. In my world, our motto is “veggies most.” Again, fill up as much as you can on vegetables before you start in on the rest of your meal. Vegetables have the nutrients that your body really does need. (Order your dressing on the side, and add it to taste. You’d be surprised the small amount of dressing you really need when the salad doesn’t come pre-tossed!)
• Focus on protein. I typically try to have grilled chicken or fish at a restaurant. I know we all love melted cheese, but try to avoid that if possible.
• Sides. We have already talked about starting with the side salad. Aim for rice, vegetables, or fruit for your second side. (Sometimes, mac & cheese!) Or you can skip the second side altogether; you might not end up being hungry for it!
• Skip dessert. This is the hardest part for me at any meal, home or not! I learned the hard way by overeating for years. If you are not still actively hungry, don’t get dessert. I don’t know anyone who truly wants to drive home in pain with their pants unbuttoned because they overate. Who’s done that before? Show of hands! Oh, just me? This is awkward…
• Quit when you’re full. You don’t have to eat everything that’s in front of you. There are to-go boxes for that! Some restaurants will even box it up for you.

~ There are exceptions to every rule. You don’t have to skip the lava cake or the margarita at an outing. Do what makes you happy! Chocolate makes me happy. Live your life. I know I go to Buffalo Wild Wings at least once a week, and there have been weeks I’ve been there four times in one week. These tips are for those weeks when you’ve already eaten out once (or twice), and you’re really wanting to stick to your meal plan. ~

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