That’s why my hair is so big… it’s full of [these] secrets!

I have borderline unruly hair, and I have a lot of it. It’s long, wiry, tangled… I also have quite a bit of gray for only being 25. You remember those hairstyle books you used to read as a kid? And they would tell you what hairstyles would work with your hair based on your hair type? And they had you pick which braid looked most like your hair? Yea, mine was the coarse, unmanageable one at the end of the list.

The teen years were brutal for me when it came to hair-styling. Most pictures of me in adolescence are shown with my hair in a ponytail, because that’s really the only thing it would do.

But I have learned a lot since then, and I can now give myself a successful blow-out thanks to these products. Literally nothing else has worked on my hair, and now, I haven’t used a flat iron in about a year.

It is pricey, but I usually just buy the travel size conditioner since you will only need a dime-size amount. Just wanted to share the love! 🙂 You can click the picture to check it out on Amazon.

There’s also a blowout cream. This is the true key to my success.

Thanks for reading!

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