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The first weekend in June.

Hey guys! I’ve been working so much on articles lately that I haven’t even been thinking about writing on here! Sorry! I’m back! 🙂 I’ll try to share them all on here as well.

This weekend was a crazy one. I managed to sit down and do some work around 9:00 o’clock Sunday night. Before that, it was go, go, go. Between moving and painting, I didn’t have much time for breathing or other important things that keep the human body alive. I did, however, manage to talk Brian into a trip to Olive Garden on Friday night. Soup, salad, and breadsticks are really all I need to maintain life. Who cares about breathing? Eating Olive Garden breadsticks is breathing.

Friday after work, I gave plasma. It went faster than I expected! I normally spend a full hour there, if not more. Now that I have figured out how to keep myself calm during the process, I just try to sit back and read. Instead of trying to get out of there as quickly as possible like I usually do, I focus on taking full breaths every time I inhale. Since I started using that practice, I haven’t had a single panic attack during my donations. Knock on wood!

After plasma, it was pasta time. We had not eaten out all week. Can you believe it? No Buffalo Wild Wings all week! After two bowls of salad, four breadsticks, and an order of fettuccine alfredo, I was miserable and still asking for ice cream. We got all the way to Menchie’s when I decided that this was one of the lifestyle changes I’ve been talking about making. I told Brian to turn around and go home. We were in bed by 11:00. My, what party animals we are.

Side note, I’ve been following the meal plan of Beachbody’s new 2B Mindset, and it’s amazing. I feel better than I have on any other meal plan. I always preach about how much Beachbody changed my life and my mind, and I will continue to preach it. My mom said it best when she said it’s been a mind, body, and spirit transformation for me. The reason I bring this up is because Olive Garden was a serious treat because of it. Regularly, I won’t eat pasta for dinner, because I don’t need the energy from the carbs that late in the day. But I had the pasta on Friday, and I still lost two pounds last week. Ask me how J it’s no sales gimmick; I just want interested people to know that I actually am your go-to girl.

Anyway, on Saturday, we were up early to help my little sister move all the way across town. We did that, had lunch, and were home by 6:00. That’s when I, although desperately needing a shower, sat at the couch for Bachelorette reruns until 9:00. I wasn’t going to watch it this season (or ever again), but it is such entertainment that I can’t stop.

I’ll be watching again tonight, and I plan on having an article up on Blasting News tomorrow afternoon!

Sunday was more laid back: hanging out with the dogs, grocery shopping, in bed at 9:00. You know, the boring stuff that I can’t even put a funny twist on to blog about 🙂

I appreciate you all for keeping up on my very un-riveting life!

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