There was always a light.

I feel lucky, every single day, to be where I am right now. We all have a past. I have demons; I have skeletons in my closet. Some of the people I chose to let in to my life, and some of the choices I made… I could have been given less of a chance to thrive in this life, less of a chance to see. I could have given up, and I could have been given up on.

But I didn’t. But I wasn’t.

It was awfully dark for me, for awhile. It was dark enough to leave me in confusion, but it was never dark enough for me to hide from myself. There was always a light at the end of that tunnel, it was just up to me to pay attention long enough to find it. I had to open my eyes long enough to believe in it, to fight for it, to claw through the darkness until there was none.

But here I am now: squinting up at that light and letting it belong in my life, letting it burn my eyes because it feels so much better than what I saw before.

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