A sugar-cookie-and-coffee kind of morning…

Yes, you heard (er, read) me right: Sugar cookies for breakfast. Well, just one sugar cookie… (Big Sky Bread [Iowa]). So good, yet so rich. I could only eat one, and I’ve literally had a sweet tooth for like, 3 days.

Now, I’m hoping my coffee will also serve as a pre-workout this morning, because I really do not feel like choking down the citrus flavored stuff I usually use. I use the term “citrus” lightly, because it actually tastes like powdered Play-Doh. I wish I was exaggerating, but I have to mix in a packet of lemonade Crystal Light to get it down. It’s usually a swallow-it-without-letting-it-hit-your-tongue kind of experience. I’m not even sure if it really works, but it was $10.00 at WalMart.

This week has been really fun and busy!

My mom, sister, and I try to see a movie every Tuesday night [Stimulus Tuesday’s are the best!]. This week we saw Gifted, and it was amazing. I won’t give anything away here, but I cried during about 40% of the movie. I’m a crier! What can I say? It stars Chris Evans (whom you all know as Captain America), McKenna Grace, and Octavia Spencer (Joanna Reyes from Divergent). I loved it! Of course, I don’t know anything about our court system, but I thought it gave a brief insight to how a decision of custody is made when it comes to a parent-less child.

On Wednesday, the family and I went to a dinner hosted by Dr. Kasandra Miles (Maximized Living). This was fun because a) We got a free meal at Bravo, and b) We got to learn about HEALTH! I am a big advocate of health. By that, I mean that I believe that you’re going to get out of your body what you put into it. You can’t cure colds and stomach viruses with medication; you cure them with greens, daily exercise, and restful nights. I eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, and get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I never get sick.

Dr. Miles taught us the 5 Essentials of Health:

  • Maximized mind
  • Maximized nerve supply
  • Maximized quality nutrition
  • Maximized oxygen & lean muscle
  • Minimized toxins

Some days you have Burger King for lunch. (Or every Saturday for the past month, but who’s counting?) It’s part of life. I literally eat grilled chicken and veggies for lunch every other day of the week.

I’m getting off track! Anyway, I’m going to see Dr. Miles this coming Tuesday to see if she can help my shoulder. My right arm/shoulder was broken during birth, and I’ve never been able to grow full strength in it. I wore my right arm in a sling for some time after I was born, and I just don’t think it ever healed to its full potential. It hurts me every day. Fingers crossed that she has the back-cracking ability to relieve some of that pain!

Thursday night we went to meet a friend of ours at a bar and discovered a new brewery in West Des Moines! It’s called Barn Town Brewing. I had delicious brussel sprouts! The dish contained Parmesan, bacon, and a balsamic vinaigrette. I wish I had a picture of it to share with you guys! I know brussel sprouts are a hit-or-miss, but they were seriously so good. Brian had some bone-in wings that were amazing, and Lloyd had some kind of burger that look amazing [but that I did not try].

They also had a sour beer called Millenial Dance Party that I absolutely loved. No one else at my table liked it… Haters *wink wink*. Pictured is the Repeat, which was more of a citrus lager. So good!


Friday night was fun. I got to watch my other half sit in with Jimmy the Weasel [a local band that his dad and him are friends with]. Support Local Music. I really could [and basically do] watch him play every weekend.


Yesterday I went to a Casey Muessigman band rehearsal like I do every so often.

Later, Brian and I are going to explore whatever small shops we can find in Valley Junction [or downtown Des Moines]. Wherever the yellow brick road takes us! I hope to have more to write about later.

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