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DG in the Windy City

Hey everyone! 👋🏻 Welcome back (to me) from Chicago! 🌃 It’s so great to be back home; back to my own bed, bathroom, shower, routine, etc. I love traveling and spending time with family, but there’s nothing I like more than ROUTINE. There have actually been scientific studies that show how helpful routine is to… Continue reading DG in the Windy City

daily journal

How the snooze button changed my life (for the worse).

Good morning and Happy Thursday, readers! I’ve been grinding away at this life! 💪🏼 I talked about this a little on my Instagram stories last night, but the “snooze issue” is REAL. You should all know by now that I’m very passionate about sleep (go to sleep at the same time every night, wake up… Continue reading How the snooze button changed my life (for the worse).

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Fun Fact Friday (on Sunday)

I missed Fun Fact Friday. A tradition I started one week ago... I can't even show up for week two! We'll work on that... In my defense, I had a lot going on Friday! I worked from 7:30-12:30, and we were down three people in the office all morning. Can you say busy?! Then, I… Continue reading Fun Fact Friday (on Sunday)


Meal Prep Sunday: Taco salad

Hey guys! I'm back with more recipes! Again, sticking to simplicity, I used the following ingredients: • Ground Turkey, 85% lean • Romaine lettuce • Queso fresco • Low sodium canned black beans • Low sodium taco seasoning This is a pretty easy one to follow and probably doesn't require a blog post! I just… Continue reading Meal Prep Sunday: Taco salad


Get Fit for Fall

Hey followers! Since this new lifestyle has completely changed my mindset about everything, I wanted to share it with you too. I'm starting a SECRET group called Get Fit for Fall. There will be a handful of us in a private group on Facebook to keep each other accountable. You don't even have to join… Continue reading Get Fit for Fall